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Timeless, durable

VOLA is the original modern tap designer. Since 1968, we have always thought about the long-term, which is why we continue to produce our timeless, long-lasting designs whilst carefully managing precious resources. We have always made products that are built to last, while ensuring the internal parts of even our oldest products can be repaired and replaced.

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Long-lasting products

Products we created over 50 years ago continue to be the discerning choice for architects around the world today. This means that our products will continue to be appreciated in people’s homes for generations to come.

Protecting water and wellness

Water and how people experience it is the essence of VOLA. We have been shaping how water is used through design and innovation for half a century and will always protect this vital element of life.

Our dedication stems from a deep Danish affinity with nature and a fundamental understanding of the role that water plays in life. The wellness of people and the planet depend on it. Which is why we make the choice – in our designs and our operations – to conserve every drop we can.

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Water and how people experience it is the essence of VOLA

Our precision engineering delivers the soft sensation that we want people to feel, while also controlling how much water is used. Our carefully designed, optional flow regulators make the products as efficient and resourceful as possible. Small flow regulators in our taps and mixers create bubbles to reduce the volume of water used. With our electronic taps and mixers, water stops after a set time or as soon as hands are removed.

As well as controlling the water flow through our products, we rigorously manage the amount of fresh water used in the manufacture of our products, with a closely monitored water recycling system at our factory.

Flow regulators



15 litres

Our Round-head shower can deliver as little as 15 litres of water per minute at three bar pressure.

Our designs prioritise
longevity over trends

VOLA is not about relentless novelty. We do not follow trends and create new products for each season. We only release a new product when there is a genuine need for it and when every detail is right – to a timeless design, that’s truly long-lasting, inside and out.

Pure, safe and responsibly sourced materials

We deeply value the world’s natural resources – our products depend on them – and through conscious consumption and recycling we work hard to protect them.

We only use the purest steel and brass to make sure our products are built to last. The metals we use are also highly recyclable, allowing us to recover and re-use 100% of our waste and ensuring end-of-life products can be recycled and re-used. Our approach to materials means waste to landfill is minimised and the need to extract more raw materials from the earth is reduced.

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We only use the purest steel and brass

We only use the highest quality raw materials and ensure our suppliers match our own high standards. We only ever use austenitic stainless steel with a very high corrosion resistance, AISI316L/ EN1.4404.

We also only use lead-free brass in all our taps and mixers, making them as safe as possible to produce and to use.


Our stainless steel is of a high quality and high corrosion because of its purity and balance of elements.

Every part matters when
things are built to last

Longevity is a promise we keep across our whole product range. From the outset, our modular design system has ensured that old parts can be replaced with new parts, even in products from 1968.

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Our modularity ensures products from 1968 are still working today

Products from 1968 can be kept fully working, with new internal fittings that fit and operate perfectly. Technological innovation is balanced with careful consideration of the new parts we develop. We only adopt a new update if it truly brings experience, efficiency, and benefits our products, customers, craftspeople and the environment.



From 100 parts there are 1000 combinations of products

Smart, resource-conscious production

Equal attention is given to the design of our processes as to our products, to ensure that manufacturing has minimal impact on the environment. We make continuous improvements, focussed on the relationship between traditional craftsmanship and new innovations.
Continuous improvement is part of our LEAN philosophy which means we make all our products to order, to each individual specification – we do not hold any products in stock.

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We are continually improving our production

Continuous improvement is part of the LEAN philosophy and our ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation.

This approach reduces our energy consumption and the volume of materials we use. It also enables design and technology innovation, since we do not need to ‘use up’ old stock before changes can be made.

Today, more and more people are seeking out high quality, durable products with low environmental impact. We can meet this need, making our long-lasting products in the same resource-conscious that we always have.

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Circular use of materials

100% of the natural material waste we produce is recovered and recycled, to produce new brass and stainless steel cylinders that can be reused for new products. Recycling our materials this way minimises material waste and landfill and reduces the need for new materials to be extracted from the earth. Which takes us one step closer to closing the cycle.

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Making without taking from the earth

We have an innovative, making-without-taking approach which drives high levels of recycling and low levels of energy consumption across our production processes. This stems from our Danish heritage, with its deep respect for nature and dedication to efficient, beautiful design, and is only made possible by our use of recyclable raw materials.

We are committed to making products that have the least impact on the environment as possible, to protect the planet for future generations.


Using this process, a single 600kg solid brass cylinder will yield 386 Round-head showers throughout its lifetime.

Our product EPDs

You can download Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for many of our products. EPDs carry 3rd party verifications, to provide further reassurance about environmental performance at each stage of a product’s life cycle.

Our stories

We created six stories that look at VOLA and what makes
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VOLA is The Original.

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En choisissant VOLA, vous faites partie de l'héritage durable du design danois emblématique et d'un savoir-faire exceptionnel.

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