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New VOLA RS11 Hands-free gel, foam and soap dispenser

RS11/1 RS11/2 RS11/3


Photography by Alex Wilson


The stylish new welcome

Across the world, offices, retail and hospitality venues now greet people with the invitation of hand sanitiser. The VOLA RS11 is the stylish new welcome that enables this invitation to be made in the best possible way. Discrete, yet beautiful to look at, the VOLA RS11 adds to the quality of your welcome.  

How do you make a hand sanitiser as invitingly delicious as, say, a bunch of delicately fragrant roses or a crisp bouquet of tulips? That was the question that formed the starting point for designing VOLA’s new series of dispensers, says architect and designer Torben Madsen, who is design manager at LINK Arkitektur. 

Three configurations for any environment. Adaptable for dispensing hand sanitiser spirit, foam or fluid soap/gel the VOLA RS11 is available as a freestanding, wall-mounted or table-mounted configuration, making it ideal for all settings – reception, office and bathroom environments. Each configuration uses the same size, well-proportioned cylinder, with a one-litre capacity. In true VOLA style, all mechanisms are hidden to provide you with a flawless, subtle design that complements your environment perfectly. Even the wall fixtures are discrete, helping to create the slimmest possible cylindrical design. 

RS11/1 Wall-mounted dispenser
RS11/2 Table-mounted dispenser 
RS11/3 Freestanding dispenser    

The mechanism

At VOLA we believe continuity not only pleases the eye but also calms the spirit, which is why each configuration of the VOLA RS11 has the same sized dispenser and consistent proportions, seamlessly integrating into the Round Series and Hands-free collections. The reservoir references the design of the VOLA round-head shower, known for its luxurious and elegant aesthetic.

The design development has been about compressing VOLA’s classic, cylindrical shape into as slim and light a design as possible. The result is an aesthetically beautiful dispenser that holds one litre so that it does not have to be refilled often, delivering 1000 applications from one refill.  

A magnetic key allows you to lift the top of the cylinder and pour in your sanitiser spirit, foam or fluid soap/gel of choice. You can choose from three separate pump mechanisms that work with all hygiene options –sanitiser spirit, foam or fluid soap/gel. The three mechanism options in all the dispensers are the same and are powered by four AA batteries. We recommend rechargeable batteries to protect the environment.  

Beauty that lasts

In keeping with all VOLA products, the VOLA RS11 is designed for durability and produced with the highest quality materials. A full selection of colours, brushed metals and metallics ensures the timelessness of the VOLA RS11’s design.  

Cleaning the reservoir and replacing liquid is simple, ensuring knocks and damage are prevented. The extruded aluminium cylinder, available in either black or white, is resistant to finger marks. The accessibility of the parts makes them very easy to replace, if necessary, and all parts are held by VOLA to ensure years of use.

Materials & finishes

Just like with all VOLA products, the focus is on keeping the design simple and elegant - and without easily perishable electronics, which gives a short durability. It has been a positive challenge to develop a VOLA product that moves completely out of the sphere of the bathroom and must stand on its own two feet. Our intention has been to create a recognisable VOLA design that adds a stamp of quality to any environment. Available in 27 colours including the eight special finishes from the Exclusive Colour Series.

For colours 16, 19, 60, 62, 63, 65, 68 the reservoir will be black or white like cylinder

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